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Every quarter we will highlight one of our runners, with their likes & dislikes about running and a lot more.  Get to know your fellow runners with some inside info!  This quarter we find out about Ben Thomas

Ben Thomas
Ben Thomas

Name: Ben Thomas

DOB: January 1987

Place of Birth: St Asaph

Year Started Running: 2019

How long have you been a PRC member?

I joined in October 2022, I think the same day as Marc??

Role in the Club, what do you like about being a run leader?

Hmm, I would presume my main role is general chatterbox! But yes, I have just passed my run leader training, I think the best thing about it will be is helping give some options for run nights, mix up paces / sessions and just be a general help to the team! For example, if anyone wants to run up that extra hill on a route I’m happy to go too!

Favourite Training Session / Route?

I’m pretty sure if I was able to go back 5 years and tell myself I would have a “favourite training session” early 2019 Ben would have pulled a very bemused face!!

But these days in terms of club nights …. have I ever mentioned I like hills? Sooo the winter hill rep nights I do enjoy and then in lighter evenings towards summer any excuse to head up Meliden mountain / Gwaenysgor hill is more than welcome!!

Favourite Race?

I think the Berlin Marathon in 2019 would be my favourite, as I signed up on a whim when a mate pushed me into it, I genuinely had no faith before I started training that I could do it, but I know a few nice pubs in Berlin so I was more than happy for the excuse!! Anyway I did finish and have kind of been running ever since!!

Favourite Race Distance?

I think if my first full year in PRC has taught me anything its that, I don’t think I have one. The team have encouraged me to take part in all sorts and I’ve largely enjoyed them all bar the odd grim day (The less mentioned about Dolgellau XC this year the better!!), so a huge thanks to the crew for pushing me!

Ben Thomas
Ben Thomas
Ben Thomas

Proudest Moment?

Finishing my first Ultra last May, it was the Ultra Trail Snowdonia and once again, kind of just winged it, but what a day out that was and I may, just may have had an emotional solo moment when I crossed the finish line!

Hardest Race?

My second Ultra, and my first ever DNF, started with an injury, got bitten by a sheep dog and had a generally miserable 27 miles before having to pull out at a barely limping pace! We live and learn though hey!



Sporting Hero?

I am a huge Welsh Rugby Fan and have no shame in admitting that I had a full blown man-crush on “Scintillating Shane Williams” the winger! I am sure it is entirely coincidental that he now often does Ironman events and I’m keen to do one!!

Favourite Sporting Moment?

Rugby based again! But when Gavin Henson hit that huge penalty to beat England in the first game of the 2005 6 nations! For context I was the only Welsh rugby fan in my year at a school full of English types, and as you can imagine pre-2005 Wales – England games had been a pretty painful social experience. So that moment in my last year at school to get the bragging rights was pretty special!!

Other sports Enjoyed?

In terms of participation I love to cycle both on the road and on the trails (I think this is where my hill fandom started!), I’m also trying to teach myself to swim – a long, long process! I will watch almost any team sport quite happily, especially if I can be in the stands!

Places you would like to run?

I am super keen to run in the Alps and will be getting the chance this July! I also enter the New York and Chicago marathon ballots every year, hopefully I will one day get a place!

Preferred surface?

6 months ago I might have said road, but I think my head has been turned!

Other Hobbies?

Is it ok to say I like doing Lego at my age? I could say it’s because it’s a great mindfulness exercise, but I actually think I just like the pretty colours!!

Favourite TV show?

I grew up (like so many people) watching Friends constantly on E4! I’m sure there’s better, funnier, more intellectually savvy shows out there but at the time it couldn’t be beaten for me.

Likes and dislikes in life?

I’ll keep this short: Like = Ice Cream / Dislikes = Frozen Yogurt!!

Ben Thomas
Bens medal
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