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Under 16’s

participating in Club Training Sessions

The following rules are in place to ensure the health and safety of all our junior runners, these are non-negotiable:

  • Anyone U16 running with the club must be accompanied by either a parent or a designated responsible adult

  • Run Leaders do not accept responsibility for any U16 running in their group.

  • It is the parent or responsible adult’s job to ensure that the run leader for the group is aware of who is looking after each U16 before the run starts

  • The responsible adult or parent also continues to be responsible for ensuring that the U16 stays visible to them during the run

  • The responsible adult must have emergency contact details for parents of the U16

  • If a parent isn’t going to be running with the child then they need to ensure that the responsible adult who is going to look after their child is happy to do this before each club run. Do not presume that a responsible adult is happy to look after a child just because they have done so before

  • It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure U16’s get to and from runs safely

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